"Reading without reflecting is like eating without digesting." -Edmund Burke

A Joy to Shout About

Imagine, if you can, a five-minute sermon. Impossible? Too brief to do any good? Perhaps this would be true for a church service, but imagine a book filled with uplifting, inspirational, motivating, heartfelt, fascinating, and timely messages. Imagine forty narratives-forty messages-exploring scriptures, anecdotes, and the message of the church, all in easy-to-read, five-minute mini-sermons featuring more than seventy-five scripture passages, numerous three-point outlines, and a unique scripture index.

A Joy to Shout About covers a wide range of topics, including the title lesson on how and why experiencing joy should be part of everyone's life and "Create in Me a New Heart," in which the author explains why we all need to come before God with this plea. In "Helping Others," author Lucian Rudd reminds us how crucial it is as Christians to be of service to your fellow man. In "Shining Sun Christian," you'll learn the importance of adding beauty to your day, or noticing the special, spiritual brightness of your surroundings.

If you ask God for strength and insight, you can brighten your corner of the world and walk away spiritually richer for it. You can enhance your relationship with God and ask Him for inspiration and guidance. Let A Joy to Shout About lead the way.

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Here we are with another Christian book. What do you do with it? Read it quickly, lay it down and forget it? How about let's try something new ... referred to on page 5 as "The System." Would you like to get the most value from reading A JOY TO SHOUT ABOUT? Try this! You have here forty short messages. Five minutes reading for each. Easy to read quickly and forget! But you could get more value from them and enjoy forty weeks of spiritual encouragement and blessings in the process. Each message is independent of the rest, so you can pick out one randomly of read in sequence from front to back. Get set! Go! Pick out the message to read and read it over daily for a period like, say, a week. You will different thoughts as you repeat the reading .... and the message will become more ingrained in your thinking. Then you can pick out another message for next week and so on, moving slowly through the book for 40 weeks. You will be blessed.